Private Equity and Having Skin In The Game

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Private Equity and Having Skin In The Game

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Mutual Assurances

        Private asset based hard money lenders are different than both traditional lenders. With a private asset based loans the key component qualifying the deal is the collateral property itself. The attributes of said collateral property that will entice a lender into more amicable terms are in it’s income stream and property value. Income is typically proven by bank statements where as value is usually ascertained by a combination of appraisal, previous purchase price, tax record, etc. Furthermore, more favorable terms will always be granted to a performing asset i.e one making substantial rental income.

        That being said, private money lenders feel  safe at low LTV (Loan-To-Value) ratio  for the same reason that borrowers do. A low LTV makes it a bad idea for the borrower to default but also a bad idea for the lender to take the property, thus mutual cooperation is rewarded. It’s a symbiotic system. It’s set up so that both parties are rewarded for doing what is in the interest of the other party.

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Nathaniel S. Fulford

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