Are You High Income or are You Wealthy?

Are You High Income or are You Wealthy?

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One You Work for, The Other Works For You

        Wealth is nothing more than the accumulation of assets that work for you.  High income to a large extent, leads to the acquisition of assets that you work to keep.  In other words, you work for the bricks and mortar of your nice home. 

        Acquiring assets that work for you overtime gives you a sense of security within yourself.  Knowing that your assets wake up each morning; ready to go to work, with the only expectation of making your life more plentiful is a great feeling. So how do we acquire the assets that work for us? 

        Acquire assets that generate more than their cost.  Real estate if purchased and developed properly will not only pay for itself, but it will pay for you as well.  Properly leveraging this asset can not only create immediate income, but it can provide future income as well.  And the good news is that it will always be in the same location, ready to go to work.

In a Nutshell

The success of an economy built on real estate, over time will take on an existence by itself.  It will grow in perpetuity, and not only give you a great future, but also provide a future for generations to come.

My feelings on the subject,

Nathaniel S. Fulford V

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