Investor Information

Investor Information

Private Inevestors

If you’re interested in learning more about Fulford Lending, and
looking for an alternative to investing your money in the stock market (or other traditional places) fill out the short form below. Alternatively you can give us a call at 703-678-3984 to learn about the options we offer. Investing allows you to kick the tires from the recorded mortgages to the flow of income evidenced by bank statements. As an investors ourselves, we are only interested in investments we can physically see.

Why is Hard Money a Great I nvestment?

Our investors enjoy healthy returns and unparalleled principal protection by making short-term loans secured by real estate assets with LTV’s usually less than 50% in one of the country’s most stable markets. Hard Money lending offers a offer higher yield than savings, money markets, CDs or the majority of fixed annuities, and does so in a secure manner.

Quick Overview:

High Yield

  • 9 – 11% Target Net Annual Returns
  • Quarterly distributions
  • Reinvestment options available

Highly Secure

  • Investments secured by real estate
  • LTVs typically 50% or less with a maximum of 65%
  • Hazard and title insurance to protect the asset
  • Diversification through multiple short term mortgages

Our Investment Strategy:

“I’m now a sixty-year-old man, who at this point doesn’t wish to start over.  That being said, my portfolio of investments is as secure as one can reasonably make them, short of a government guarantee. My experience has taught me to only make determinations on the known and leave speculation to others.  The majority of my life experience has been in real estate in the context of acquisition, development and management. Over the last 40 years, I’ve seen the volatility of real estate valuations and that of the stock market.  The one thing that differentiate real estate investments unlike paper stock is that it possesses a physicality whereby you can find it. Another differentiating factor is that you can assign a realistic short-term value based on location, condition and market demand.  All variables which are readily accessible to anyone who wants to know.  With the stock market, there is a tendency to rely on the opinions of others, whereby there seems to be no shortage of contradictory viewpoints.  Especially, when opinions are given with little to no understanding of how a company makes money, i.e. Enron.  A great way to invest safely is by securitizing your investment with a physical asset with a reasonably known value over a short period of time (i.e. Bridge Loans). The reason for this approach is that I do not and cannot afford to start over.  The best part of my portfolio of real estate investments is that it has allowed me to develop generous rates of returns, without high risk. I manage short term debt with low loan-to-value ratios on real estate.

I did not invent the wheel, I’ve merely learned to make money from what I have acquired over a lifetime and use my investment income as a vehicle to fund my life style, as well as create a self-perpetuating investment pool.  My father and mother’s famous saying were you’re only wealthy when your assets work for you, and not you for them.  So, make sure you acquire assets that generate income beyond their cost.  This is not the invention of the wheel, but a common-sense approach that has withstood volatility and delivered measurable results.”

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