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As a proud American family business, we would like to tell you a little bit about where we come from:

Nathaniel S Fulford: Real Estate Lender Portiat

A Special Message From: Nathaniel S. Fulford V

“My father always wanted me to join him in his business, which primarily dealt with subdividing large tracts of property and selling on easy terms, as well as property development.  Unfortunately, while rich in real estate, liquidity was always an issue, and therefore precluded any type of father and son business.

After college I worked as a cost accountant for a fortune 500 company, only to soon discover that it wasn’t for me.  So, like many others, I decided to venture out on my own, and created a construction and real estate investments business.  And over time, and through the ups and downs of the real estate market, I was able create a portfolio of productive real estate, which became the main source of my income.  Because of this, I now lend the excess liquidity generated from my real estate business.

Beyond Real Estate

Now, as a 59-year-old man no longer strapped to a tool belt, with my son working with me, I pursue real estate ventures by providing short term liquidity to real estate investors, as well as occasional advice.

Being asset rich and cash poor, while nice on a balance sheet, fails to address the issues relating to liquidity and the proper development of your real estate holdings.  Our bridge loans provide liquidity when needed. Whereby, allowing rents to flow, a business concern to exist or for the creation of a profitable sales value.

There’s a common misnomer that most people in business have a high threshold for risk, I don’t.  A good deal, whereby both parties win is rooted in reality. What I mean by this is that doing your due diligence on your investment is crucial (i.e. examining rental income, sales value, business use, etc.). Make sure you have an exit strategy.  Don’t make decisions based on no time and little to no choices.

Real estate is the one asset that if leveraged properly can change your life.  Unlike the stock market, where value is to some extent driven by opinions on macro-economies and too much demand chasing little supply. The value of real estate can be looked through the prism of a micro-economy (i.e. you can readily evaluate the nuance given the limited nature this asset).  Thus, making you a real investor and not one participating with limited information. Giving your money and control to someone other than yourself, and the lack of understanding the investments in your portfolio makes you the risk taker.  The person who has taken the time to understand the variables necessary to make their real estate endeavors successful is a knowledgeable investor, adverse to risk.

Best Regards,

Nathaniel S. Fulford V”

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