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Nathaniel S Fulford: Real Estate Lender Portiat

Special Message From: Nathaniel S. Fulford V

“I started my career as a cost accountant.  And shortly thereafter, I opened a construction brokerage company, whereby I sold and managed construction contracts.  As a natural progression of this, I eventually became involved in the allocation of construction funds pursuant to asset based lending institutions.  My primary function was to make sure that the funds I approved for allocation were used in a manner, whereby the lender’s loan-to-value ratio increased during the funding process .  I also addressed all issues relating to failed projects, i.e. the funding and finishing of said project.

During the evolution of Fulford over the last twenty-five years, we have developed three legs to our investment strategy. The first leg of our company is the asset based lending side, whereby we make loans on non-compromising LTV positions.  In other words, our principle balance as well as our rate of return is secured through the valuation of the collateral.  The second leg of our company is the rental, i.e. the leasing of properties controlled by Fulford. And finally, the property management leg, which is comprised of construction and maintenance of real estate (i.e. ensuring maximum returns on properties sold, owned and managed).

The three legs of Fulford gives us unique insight and depth in maintaining as well as expanding our real estate portfolio.  To date, we have zero foreclosures in the millions of dollars lent over the past decade.  Our growth has been primarily achieved through the excess liquidity provided by the productive nature of our asset holdings, and not debt.  When you look at our debt load in relation to our asset holdings, you will find a company that not only exist today, but will be around for many years to come.   While some asset base lenders achieve greater returns by relying heavily on debt, we take the safe approach by relying heavily on our own money and knowledge of the subject matter, as it relates to the performance of our real estate holdings.  We are more inclined to focus on what can go wrong, rather than on what can go right.  The cornerstone of a good investment is the protection of the principle balance, as well as a good sustainable rate of return, given an ever changing economy.”

Best Regards,

Nathaniel S. Fulford V

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